Tapping into Immunotherapy’s Potential to Help More People

 LIVE Symposium

Monday, April 22, 2024
11:30 AM – 2:30 PM Eastern Time

While some cancer immunotherapies are successful at treating malignancies and extending life expectancies, others fall short of their potential. Scientists examine how genetic variability and cellular evolution allow cancer to evade immunotherapy’s curative capacity for subsets of patients.

In this symposium brought to you by The Scientist, researchers will discuss how they uncover the factors that lead to varying immunotherapy response rates between patients with the same diseases.

Symposium program

11:30 AM – Introduction

11:40 AM – Immune surveillance in cancer evolution and why more mutations is not always better

Peter Westcott, PhD

12:10 PM – Germline modifiers of anti-tumor immunity and response to immune checkpoint blockade

Hannah Carter, PhD

12:40 PM – Advances in melanoma treatment: At the forefront of immune and targeted therapy discoveries

Ian Watson, PhD

1:10 PM – Gamma delta T cells in human cancer: should we care?

Yin Wu, MBPhD

1:40 PM – Open panel Q&A session
Deanna MacNeil from The Scientist’s Creative Services Team will be joined by the entire panel in an open question and answer session where presenters will address questions posed by the audience.


Peter Westcott, PhD
Assistant Professor
Cancer Center
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


Hannah Carter, PhD
Principal Investigator and Associate Professor
Department of Medicine
Division of Genomics and Precision Medicine
University of California, San Diego


Ian Watson, PhD
Member, Goodman Cancer Institute
Investigator, McGill University Health Center Research Institute
Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry
McGill University

Yin Wu

Yin Wu, MBPhD
Wellcome Trust Clinician Scientist
School of Immunology and Microbial Sciences, King’s College London 
Department of Medical Oncology, Guy’s Hospital

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